Friday, December 02, 2011

Its Here!!!
December Daily Day 1

All day I was excited to begin our Daily, but I knew that at the end of the day we would be having dinner with my grandparents from Florida so I waited to take a picture with them. Not smart Mommy, not smart and here is why. Dinner started in a very lovely way. All three kids were wonderful! Behaving well, choosing their own food and able to chat and wait without the dreaded- "I'm bored" Then 3 quarters into dinner Gracie starts to feel sick. She was red as a tomato, hot and just all around yucky. So I quickly bundled everyone all up got our leftovers wrapped up and got out of the door as soon as possible. I never got took a picture. All the way home I drove thinking about how I could remedy this snafu. I thought of going back and taking a picture of the restaurant sign, no to cheesy, I thought about taking a picture of our leftover boxes, kinda weird. I thought about taking a picture from the internet of the inside of the restaurant, but nothing seemed to fit. Then as we got home Gracie started to feel better ( I think she got overheated as the place was super warm!) we all got in our jammies and talked about how it was fun even though we had to leave so abruptly. As we are sitting on the couch Olivia feel asleep like this....

So, it just goes to show you that even though there can be a snafu and it wasn't perfect does not mean that it wasn't fun, so fun that it was exhausting.  

(In fact Q just said to me " Mommy, remember that place we ate dinner last night? It was a lot of fun! But, I was really sleepy when we got home" Then I said "and so was everyone else, Buddy")

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