Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OK, I am guilty!
Guilty of not posting in my blog. I found this picture of Q and he just looks guilty so I thought this was a good "you caught me not posting in my blog" look. It's a little after 2am and I was scrapbooking at the store I work at until 1:00 am or so and there was so much fog in my area that my normal 20 min. drive home took me 1 hour! Plus because the air was so dense my asthma that rarely bothers me was really acting up. I knew that if mine was bad that if my little Gracie had been outside at all that she would have trouble too. Hers is bad enough that she has been admitted into the hospital for it a few times to many for my book. So I rush int he house and listen to her breath. Her breathing was fine. Then I got to thinking what a blessing it is to hear her breathing normally. I found myself on the edge of her bed just listening to her for several min. It's just so comforting to know that she is breathing easy tonight. I think now I will sleep well knowing that all is well.

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Morgan said...

wow ~ I'm so proud of you for updating. Way to go! I told you I check it all the time.