Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is it Spring?

Last week when we had a tiny bit of snow it made one little boy very happy. He played outside for hours in the course of the two day time span that the snow stayed in my yard. There was not much there to play with but he made due. Now this week he has no snow anymore and it is almost 50 outside. 49 degrees according to the weather app on my phone to be exact. While I am relishing in the no snow factor this season there is one little boy who is really hating it. He asked me today if it was spring. When I replied with a no, but it sure does feel like it, he got a little weepy.

Meanwhile I am plugging away at getting my house tidy, finishing up that December Daily that has become a thorn in my side and starting on my very first Project Life Album. Crafty projects keep me sane. I have many more I'm working on and look forward to their completion so I can post them soon.

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jmodderman said...


I love the year in review! Awesome stuff and great pictures of the people I love...hehehe
I'm so sorry that Q is not liking the weather. You will need to find one of those snow making places for him! I am so glad it's not snowing. Can't wait to see all the new projects! I miss you guys....Love, Jen