Thursday, January 12, 2012

 My day in 12 photos.
My hope is that on the 12th day each month i take 12 photos. We shall see if I can keep up with this.  
Good morning its time for coffee.
Its starting to snow, we are supposed to get 4-6 inches by the end of the day.
 Time for breakfast for Livie.
 Grocery shopping.
 Gracie finished her beautiful autobiography.
We met her at school to celebrate
Nap time.
 Its still snowing.
 Id like to scrapbook...but its just one big mess on my table.
 Trucks work best on hard wood floors.
 I love her crazy hair when she takes out her bows.
 I dislike folding socks! I think I will head back to the scrapbook table.

1 comment:

melissa87 said...

Too cute! I will definitely look forward to
the 12th of every month! :)