Monday, January 02, 2012

 Just so you know I'm Real

I try really hard to keep my blog on the positive and focus and all that is good in my life. But, that leaves a lot of me out. I bet that there is a lot of "me" that some of you out there can relate to so I am letting go for a minute and giving you some reality in my life that isn't so super! Below you will find pictures of our playroom and our island in the kitchen. After all the gifts were open and the kids were home for a week my house got a little out of hand. I am not even sure were to put all this new stuff. My scrapbook table is even worse. It looks like a December daily explosion. I am extremely anxious to get myself dug out of this mess so I can get to crafting more. I hope that it will get cleaning up soon, but in all honesty it will probably take me a while to get it done. I will do a little each day until it is all back in order. It gets me wondering How do others do it? How do they keep it all under control around and after the holidays? Are there lots of people out there like me or are there more people that can keep it all together no matter what gets thrown their way? Just makes me wonder. I would like to think that the "me" type people are the norm but its the ones that keep it all together that just talk about it more.

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Keshet said...

Definitely the norm:) You don't want to see some parts of my apartment!