Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yes, I have jumped on the Project Life band wagon. But, I am going to do it my way. I am using a mixture of the divided page protectors along with standard 12x12 ones. I tried it with just the divided ones and then I tried with just 12x12 pages and I didn't like either. So, a combo of the two is what I will use and I love it. Above is week 1and week 2 is currently on my desk ready to be completed. What I love about this project is it is forcing me to get out my camera more and really focus in on the little things in life.


Elizabeth said...

I love this! I was really struggling with how to exactly make mine work...I have all my pictures in my divided page protectors, along with 3x4 and 4x6 cards. But it looks so boring. And I have way too many pictures in it for only being halfway into January. I love your approach!!

jmodderman said...

Jess...this is wonderful! Thank you so much for posting these updates. I love seeing them! I check almost every day! Love you!