Saturday, June 13, 2009

Glitter Ball

These balls were all the rage at Gracie's school over the past few months. I swear to you that recess was glitter ball fest just about every day! You would see them bounce them, roll them and chase after them all together or all alone. I love the fact that in today's technologically savvy world kids still get excited about a bounce ball. It was the best $5 ever spent. Now that school is out for summer I thought that maybe the glitter ball would loose its luster ( yes there is pun intended) but I was wrong! She still swoops it up ant chance she gets and plays with it in the yard. We even got one for Q to bounce around because he seemed to be so facinated by it as well.

Now if you would like to get one you can find them at Walgreens in the big size (the ones pictured) Or you can find a smaller size there as well and at Michales...the smaller ones work well for little kids like Q's age. Trust me it will be the best $5 you spend all summer. Its amazing how much they LOVE them! And, Im not only talking about my kids here. Ive talked to several Moms who are as shiokced as I am that in todays workd they play with a ball for hours on end.

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Mandy said...

My Gracie would love that big one