Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The reason this picture is awesome is because that's my sister in the window dancing around. I was so glad to see the photographer capture this moment. You can also see me in the backround laughing at her.
Yes, this is really one of only three pictures of the entire family. We got the shirts made at Downtown Disney. We plan on making new ones every year.
The kids and I with Mader...Q's favorite!
Gracie and I- I just love how this one turned out. So sweet.

These are are a few more pictures that I missed while going through my recap. They are from Photopass so I finally got a chance to load them in and post them here. I also thought I would take a little time to make a top 10 list of my favorite moments and or events on the trip!

10) Being mistaken for a 14 year old on the airplane.
9) Gracie's makeover at the Bibidi Bobidi Boutique.
8) Celebrate You Parade
7) The Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot
6) Letting the kids play in the water at Epcot
5) Seeing my sister as a cast member
4) Illuminations
3) No cell phones!!!
2) Riding the train with Q
1) Designing t-shirts at Downtown Disney with the whole family


jimmy said...

you LOVE being mistaken for a 14 year old and you KNOW it :) lol

jessicaj said...

You know it!!!!! LOL