Friday, June 05, 2009

My dad found a ton of pictures on his computer at work of Gracie from birth to 2. When I look at them there are so many memories that come to mind. Like how much she loved that Q liked it but she LOVED it. We are talking 45 minutes here people. How chubby she was. How she would suck on her Nuk so hard it would make indentations in her chubby cheeks. How she was totally content with just her and her toys at a very early age. How she wore this little pumkin outfit and so did her little brother. How calm she was as a baby. How she had horrible dry skin and felt so bad for her. How she would nuzzle her head on my sholder when she was not feeling well or tired. How she would still take really long naps all the way through 2. How much she hated to be dirty and god forbid a bit sandy.

These are the things I had forgetten. Thes are the things I am glad i still remember. These are the things that remind me how rewarding thes little blessings are. These are the things that remind me how far she has come. Thes are the things I am glad I have now documented.

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Mandy said...

It'so funny I think we had that same saucier. I love looking back and remembering all those moments.