Thursday, June 11, 2009


was a hard day. As I write this so forgive me for a may seem a little out of sorts. I wanted to write while the emotions are still strong so I can look back at this day knowing how this felt.

Today was Gracie's last day of school. Not only was it her last day as a fist grader with possibly the best teacher in the world. But it was her last day at Marcy school.

Since I got a divorce we moved out of the school district and are now in the Greenfield District. It was a hard decision to make but the driving her to and from school each day spending 2 hours+ in the car got a little much.

That school wasent just a school for her.....

It was a soft place to fall when things were changing all around her.
It was a place to laugh when Mommy was not tons of fun.
It was a place to be free.
It was a place to express herself.
It was a place she felt as at home as at her own home.
It was HER place.

Not only that but it was mine to....

It was place that I felt I could always have a shoulder to lean on a hand to hold and a person to listen. It was MY place.

Today I learned that not only do Gracie and I feel its our place, they feel we are their people. As we walked through the building saying our goodbyes to all that have touched our lives they began to cry with us. They swooped up Gracie to hold and hug her and tell her just how important she is to them. Most of them would hold her face and tell her that they will never forget her!

I learned that not only do I think she is special but so does the entire staff of a very big school.

So as I sit here drenched in my own tears....I know something I didnt know yesterday....That my daughter is special to many and I could not feel more proud then I do at this moment. She is amazing and if you are reading this blog and you have not gotten the oppertunity to meet her I hope some day you will be forever blessed. :)


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

I'm glad you had a place like that, Jessica. I hope you find another one! :) That's how I felt leaving the scrapbook store with Katie for the last time. That's been our place. :)

Mandy said...

It's always nice when you find how how much you and your child mean to someone. Our teacher we had this year is leaving and not coming back next year. It will not be the same without her. I wish Gracie the best of luck next school year at her new school