Thursday, April 02, 2009

Disney Day By Day- Day 1 On the Airplane. This (Above) is all our luggage. Yes, I am fully aware about how crazy this is. But it is what it is. We don't travel light. It's just that simple. We will never change, thanks mostly in part to the fact that my kids have asthma (Which means a nebulizer and all that junk) and allergies and Quintin is a messy messy messy (Did I mention he's messy?) kid! We are talking like 3 outfits a day (On many days) here people. Yeah...that's all kinds of crazy!!!!
Graciepoo ready to go with her new Tinkerbell sunglasses. This was as we were driving away from the house. We did not leave Milwaukee until 2ish. I used to always fly out at a god awful time of the morning....way to early. But this time was different. I must say I don't think I can ever go back to that 5am at the airport stuff. To early! Then by the time you arrive at your destination you are too tired to really do much. Adrenaline kicks in for a bit but you crash and burn early....very early.
Quintin ready to roll!!! He got new Wall-E Sunglasses but he was not into putting them on for Mommy...well what can I say he's two. :)

Kayla and Q on the airplane. He had just woken up from a long nap. He was such a good little man on the airplane. Not a peep out of him....literally I don't think he said a thing the entire time in the air.
Graice sat with her dear Bapa. We all got split up thanks to an airline mix up....OK funny story...are you ready? At first Kayla, Q and I are sitting in the exit row...Well we knew that was a no go because you have to be at least 14 to sit there. So we sat tight for a bit and the flight attendant came by to help us find a place to move to. They moved us to the seat behind. Well, then another flight attendant comes by and says no can do! You cant have a cart seat a row behind an exit row. She is trying to figure out if she has to move all three of us and she looks at Kayla...then looks at me and says how old are you? I paused and reply in a very confused manner....ummmmm 28? She then turns bright red and says OHHHH I am so sorry you look really young. I then remind her that we really need to have 3 seats together so that there is a family member on each side of Q. she then scoots away very quickly. I think she is feeling a bit stupid for thinking that now. Finally about 15 minutes and two moves later we are now in a decent seat. I had to lug that car seat to 4 different seats form start to finish! Ugh! That was yucky. But I guess I should have the energy to do so...after all I am only 14. He he he :)
So here is Q and I on that day. Am I looking 14 to you?
Gracie looking out the window as we land in Orlando...she was so excited to be there. If I could have recorded her voice as she squeals with excitement!

After we got there Kayla the kids and I took the Magical Express. My Mom and Dad (the saints that they are) lugged all the suitcases in the minivan that we rented) Thank you Mom and Dad. So we thought the magical express thing would be so fun for the kids as they play a cool video about whats going on at the parks....nope! We had a non-Disney bus because they were all in use. So there was no video and no air conditioning. We were not very upset about the no air because we are from Wisconsin....we could use a little heat. Although I will tell you that at the end i was sweating and ready to GET OUT of that bus. So we talked about all the fun things we would do and made our own fun. There was a family in front of us that was talking about it as well. It was nice to hear their excitement. So cute. :) Then we get to the hotel and Gracie go this......

Yes, I planned this. I was unable to make her an autograph book thanks to being sick so I got her one delivers from Disney Floral to the room....well along with a little help form my little sister Melissa that works there. She also delivers little gifts for the kids to the room. That was neat to arrive to. :) Then we made our way to Down town Disney to visit with Melissa....we had not seen her in months so it was exciting. Plus she got engaged so we all wanted to see the ring!!! its awesome by the way. I don't know if my soon to be brother in law reads this...but good job Adam!

Finally we all turned in for the night ready for our first full day at the Magic Kingdom!!!! Yeah Disney.

Coming back soon with Day 2 highlights. Gracie is sick so this blogging the trip isn't happening as fast as I would like. :)

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