Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Now onto day 3-It started out with a swim....ok so it started out with Gracie Q and Kayla swimming. I took the pictures does that count.
On the tram ready for a day at Disney Hollywood studios! Yeah we get to see Auntie M in actionas a cast member.
Here she is! The reason we came to visit. She was so mad at me for taking a bunch of pictures of her in her costume. But dont you think she will enjoy looking at them later in life? It was really neat to see her in action as well as learn about some behind the scenes things that I did not know about.....like you always have to point to things with two fingers. They dont want people to think that is is rude if they point to something with one.

My Q was waving to Mader and Lightning McQueen.....I dont know what on earht happend to the pictures of him actually with Mader and Lightning......I will have to investigate that.
Q was.....not happy during this lunch. It was picked just for him with all the playohouse Disney Characters...but he was really vrabby and moody. That is until the characters came to him. He really didnt eat much besides his soy ice cream. After that lunch I was warn out and I think everyone else was too. He napped, I walked him around and the rest of the fam went to see the Beauty and the Beast show. It was very relaxing to just walk around and take it all in.
Having a little chat with June.

Block Party Bash was a very fun parade for everyone. It was another one of those interactive parades where they stop and have you come out inot the street. At the end they threw out litle nerf balls that say Blcok Party Bash on them. You would have thought Gracie was g

"From up here you all look like little ants!"That's my favorite line from a bugs life. He never looked my way but oh well.
Gracie of course was all about the performance of high school musical! There she is down there watching very intently
So that was day 3......Day 4 coming soon. I have to get backt o playing trains with Q. :)

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