Monday, April 13, 2009

I promise.....

I really have been scrapbooking. A lot in fact....but I am trying out for many design teams and need to keep my projects hidden for a while. I will share them as soon as I can.

I also have been dealing with the never ending saga of asthma. My kids keep gettting really bad asthma flair ups. Hence I am here on the blog at 5:30 am. i have Q next to me asleep on my lap. He just finished a breathing treatment an hour ago and it does not seem worth it for me to sleep as Gracie needs to get up for one in a few minutes. It is wearing on me big time over the past few days. I feel like everything is going in slow motion. Of course tomorrow when the kids nap I wil nap too.

We did have a good Easter yesterday despite the astham. The kids were thrilled with all their basket contents. The Easter Bunny did a good job this year. :) We went to churcha dn then came home for a brunch befroe the kids headed over to thier Dads for a bit. While they were gone I was able to nap as well as go to a grown up movie with my parents and sister Kayla. Then the kids came back home, we had a bit of dinner while we watched Bedtime Stories together. I love Adam Sandler so it was cool to be able to share one his ovies with the kids. It was a very sweet family movie.

Ok now onto Gracies breathign treatment.....

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