Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Day 6 of the vacation

On the night of day 5 is when all hell broke loose on vacation. Q ended up in Urgent Care for his asthma. So he was put on Prednisone. That stuff is no fun! It makes him super moody. I was determined to not let it bother our vacation and wanted Q to be able to enjoy himself anyway. So we headed to Disney Hollywood Studios all decked out in our matching "Ehlert Family Magical Vacation" T-shirts. The only photo we have with all of us sporting the t-shirts together is by the Disney Photopass peeps. So when our disk finally comes in the mail from them I will have to post it. I will tell you that I absolutely adore Toystory mania as well as my little sister who stood in line just tog et us fast passes. It is quit possibly in my top 3 for rides/attractions at Disney. Q even thought it was great! He also really enjoyed the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage performance....which on prednisone I was not sure he was going to like. Now dinner at the Sci-Fi Dine In theature....not so much. As you can see he is getting out of the car becasue he is "ALL DONE MAMA!!!!!" That menas that everyone else should be done right???

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