Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This post is really more for me then anyone else. It is a reminder of all the little things in life that I tend to overlook in the middle of the chaos that is my life. Maybe some of these things are your little things too? Or maybe your list is different all together? Whatever your little things are I encourage you to write them down so that in these stressful moments you can look back on all the little things.

Flip-Flop Weather
Clean sheets
Super hot showers
Taking Long Walks
Freshly opened paper packs
Taking a deep breath
Kissing in the rain
Blogging about non-sense
Uncontrollable giggles
Capturing a non-duplicable moment through my lens
A clean house
Waking up to smiling faces
The smell of new crayons
Peony's right before they bloom
Afternoon naps
Newborn Babies
When a child has an Ah-ha moment
Completing a scrapbook project
Birds tweeting outside my window
The snooze button
The realization that life is what you make it
The moment you let the stress go
Painted toenails
Homemade lemonade
Silly family jokes
the smell of fabric softener
A quiet car ride
An empty laundry shoot
People watching
Dancing in an empty room
The use of the symbol @
A tear turned to a smile
Calla Lilly's
Smooth stones
Quirky sayings
Being OK with my poor spelling habits
A fully charged camera battery
Cobble stone roads
The glow of a pregnant woman
Old ladies laughing together
A blissful couple
Happy text messages
Letting go
Kids artwork
Listening to the rain
The imagination of a child
Walking into a Disney park

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