Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OK we are now onto day 8 of the vacation. Today we went to Animal Kingdom. I really enjoy the Animal Kingdom a lot and find it especially relaxing as well as my children love it because of the animals. So of course they were sporting their safari giraffe print outfits today. All day everyone kept stopping us an telling us how cute they were.

Yes this is how every day starts with not fun for my poor little guy but he is so good about it!
We started out with my favorite of all Disney shows. Finding Nemo The Musical totally rocks!!!! I find that people pass this one by far to often! If you have never gotten a chance to see this one you are really missing out. Even if you are not a fan of theatrics it is pretty cool. I have known many people that don't like musicals at all and LOVED this one. We own the soundtrack so of course we can all sing along to the entire performance....don't worry we don't sing along loud enough for anyone to really hear us.

Poor Q he feel asleep right during his favorite part of the whole show....oh well there is always next year.
After we hit up Nemo those of us that are into the roller coasters went on Expedition Everest. So basically that o mots my Mom and my kids. They went to Dino Land and played a few games. Gracie of course beat Nana and got these two cute friends. She was so proud of herself! The coolest part as a Mom was the fact that she made sure that she kept 2 stuffed animals instead of trading them in for a bigger one. This way she could share with her little brother. What a Sweet Pea.

Then we sat for a bit and just enjoyed the scenery. I also began to feel a little ill and thought it was no big deal, I will just sit here and I will feel better later.
On to the safari. We love this!!!! Its a great way to get some great animal shots for the kids. Q was even pretty engaged int he whole thing....until close to the end. Then he decided he was going to turn around and attempt to come over the seat....little stinker.

Before we headed out I took some great pictures of the kids. :)
Everyone else hit Downtown Disney but I was too sick....then everyone else was the next day as well. So that is why there are no vacation pictures for day 9. We were all super sick and didnt really leave the hotel room.

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