Monday, May 25, 2009

The final day of the Disney vacation!!!!! I cant handle this. I just want to keep going. It's a good thing I will be going back in January with the whole gang again. That's only 8 months until the next vacation.

Magic Kingdom was the park of the day.

We all started to feel a bit better on this final day of the trip. I wouldn't say we all were at 100% but at least well enough to hit the park before our flight. I will tell you that I get a little emotional on the last day of every vacation. I never want to leave no matter how long I have been there. This trip was no exception. Even though it had its share of bumps in the road it was still a vacation that I will always carry fond memories of.

This is my FAVORITE parade ever at Disney. The celebrate you parade is just so fun and interactive so it makes my day event hat much brighter and I wasn't sure that was possible at Disney. See how Q was so excited about it as he was waiting to get his haircut.
This may seem weird to you, but this was Gracie's first real haircut. I really cant count me cutting it in the bathroom as a haircut. So, she was able to get the royal treatment for her first haircut. She loved it.

Her my first haircut ears. :) By the way, to those of you who are Disney fanatics like me_ get your kids hair cut there. Its actually a very inexpensive thing. Its quit possibly the only thing in the 'world' that is cheaper then I would pay at home. Plus they are awesome at it so how can you go wrong!!!!
Q had his fist there last year but I will get one for them there every time we go because it is so fun for them.
Oh look at this! I can't get over how sweet this is. He is so happy even after a haircut. :)
I just love this picture of Q and Kayla riding the train. Q loves the train so much at Disney he would ride it all day long and never do anything else. Out of all the fabulous stimulating activities there are to do at Disney he loves the classic train.....gotta love it!
We took the train into toontown where we all had a little snack. Yes, Q is feeding the Mickey Mailbox some potato chips.
Gracie giving Mickey a little kiss.
A little bit of the celebrate you decorations. I of course having the new camera had to practice with stuff like this!
Melissa, myself and the kids got to ride in the front of the monorail. Q sat with Auntie M and Gracie sat in the very corner so that she could get the best view.

A kiss goodbye for Disney. This was all her idea by the way!!! Then she said "Bye my favorite place on earth, we will see you again next year!"

That's it people! No more Disney Vacation recaps coming your way for another 8 months. Can you handle it?

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