Friday, May 15, 2009

Recent Scrapbook Projects

On another note.....why on earth can't I sleep??? These days I seem to fall asleep just fine and then a few hours in my body decides that it is time to get up. Then I fall back asleep again...then AGAIN I am awake! Hence it's 4:45am and I am blogging.....who does that. Oh yeah I do! It is driving me a little crazy, not to mention functioning during the day is getting a bit challenging.

Well, at least I can finish packing for my trip to Iowa.....yeah you read that right Iowa! We are heading to Emmetsberg Iowa to visit with family. It is a very cute little town with one stop light. Although I know I could never be a small town girl (Gotta have a Target within 15 minutes of me or i may just go into withdrawals) it is fun to see how the other half lives. First of all they can't just run out to the store to get stuff....that takes planning. The nearest town with shopping is 45 minutes away. They of course have the basics in town......but we all know my life does not fit in with the basics so that wouldn't work out well for me. Everyone knows everyone there....literally you cant hide form anything. I often wonder how that works out for high schoolers? The cool part about it is that while I am there my stress level seems to fall greatly. I don't know if its the fact that I am forced to remain still due to a lack of choices or if it's that I am there to visit with family I adore?

Well, any who I will fill you in on all the juicy Emmetsberg Gossip when I get back. :)


Mandy said...

I love the new background and the picture of Gracie kissing mickey's nose on the mailbox is great !!!

jimmy said...

i love the pic of Gracie!
About your insomnia---you NEED to stop "thinking"--the MORE you think, the LESS you sleep. FACT. IT happens to me all of the time. Wake up every 15 minutes, then why not get up at 4am and blog>