Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Day 7 of the vacation

This was a very low key day for us. My Grandparents came in from Clear Watr to spend the day with us. WE get to see them a lot in the summer months when they are in the milwaukee area but not so much in the colder season as they escape to the sunny state fo we all wishwe could do.

We started out the day at 1900 Park Fare for brunch. My favorite thing there is the Stawberry Soup. If you have ever wathced any of the specials about Disney on the Food network they almost always feature this yummy soup.
We then walked around the Grand Floridian for a it soaking up the sun and enjoying each others company.
After that we made our way back to our hotel so the kids could swim a bit....and......Q closed down the kiddie pool! He pooped in his swimmy diaper. It left a bit of a trail. As the Mom I was the one who was so lucky to be able to head over to the life guarrd and say....ummmm my son pooped in the pool. :( Then they came over and had to close it down. I was probably bright red right now with the thought of everyone knowing it was MY son. So my awesome sister Melissa and I cleaned up the boy and we headed to anothr pool.

After a good swim we ate some dinner and jumped on a surrey bike. That was one of my favorite times on vacation. It was a blast. I look forward to doing that again on our next trip.

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