Monday, December 14, 2009

Counting Down
December Daily Day 8

We LOVE a good count down in this house. We count down to all types of things, Holidays, Vacations, School Events or a visit from a family member. The kids get such joy out of the anticipation of the event! There fore I get hugely excited just watching them light up! Through the years I have found that sometimes the anticipation of the event was my favorite part of the whole process. We try to come up with fun ways to count down each event that comes along. For Christmas we have a countdown calender. This year we got a new one with little doors that open for each day. (Our old one nearly broke in half so this year I opted for a very study wood version) I put a small candy treat, a sticker and a quarter for their piggy bank in each door. Then after they pull out their goodies they count the rest of the days and inform me as to how many left until Christmas. This all happens during the morning hours of the day while I sip my coffee. It sure is a great way to start the day. The smile that comes across there face when I pull out the "countdown house" will be forever imprinted on my heart.

Another thing we are currently counting down is our annual trip to Walt Disney World with the whole family. As of this day it is 31 days until departure! This will be our 8th trip that we have taken with the family and we still look forward to it just as much as the first year we went. Its a time when our entire family relaxes and really enjoys each others company. Within the next few weeks will begin to talk of our trip almost daily remembering past trips and what we would like to do different this year. I will also be heading to storage to get our luggage to begin the packing process. I am sure that there are many moms that can attest to the fact that packing for the family is a lot of work! For me, it is quit the process and very time consuming but it's happy work and I know that the outcome is a Disney vacation! Thanks to my Mom and Dad who give us all this wonderful trip every year as part of our Christmas gift. They are such awesome people that really know how to have a great time and enjoy taking us all along for the ride. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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