Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Shopping December Daily Day 5

Today the kids headed off to a holiday party with their Dad. What a great opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done! In the morning I went shopping with my Mom and in the evening I went shopping with Doug at Bayshore Mall. What a beautiful place to shop! It was so beautiful to walk around and see all the Christmas lights, hear the Christmas music and sip our warm coffee. It was a shopping trip I will never forget. It was cold, but it didn't matter because we had such a good time shopping for the people we care about most.

Today is also Uncle Walt's (Walt Disney) birthday! Before the kids were off to their day of Holiday parties with Dad we talked about our favorite Disney memories. Gracie's favorite memory was getting all princessed up at the Bibidi Bobiti Boutique. My Mom's favorite memory was seeing wishes for the first time. Mine was seeing each of my children with a character for the first time.

Gracie's first interaction with a character was at 18 months old. I never thought she was going to like them because she is terrified of Santa! To my surprise she loved them. She would hug them and touch their noses. Then as soon as we would walk away she would have plenty to say about how she liked them. She took a particular liking to the princesses. She would star into their eyes they talked softly to her. I thought it was so cute how all the royal characters address all the little girls princess and the little boys prince. That first year she also really liked Piglet. He's a big pink fluffy pig, whats not to love?

Q's first interaction with a character was at 11 months old. He really wasn't a big fan of Santa either and since Gracie showed me you can like characters and not Santa, I wasn't really sure what to expect with him. He didn't warm up right away. He spent a little time with a puzzled look and no smiles. He would look at them and maybe grab there nose. After a few days of characters he really started to like them! He gave Mickey a kiss on the nose and just smiled a ton for Tigger! When tigger walked away he even reached toward his direction in hopes he would come back. Tigger did come back around later and Q clapped for him. I thought for sure that would be his favorite character, but it has turned out to be Pluto.

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