Thursday, December 03, 2009

December Daily December 2nd

Gracie had a Milwaukee Children's Choir rehearsal tonight. We were a bit early for the practice so we decided to look around the neighborhood for Christmas lights. I was so surprised to see so many houses with them up already! Gracie's favorites are the colored lights and Q just loves any of those large blow up items.
Quintin set up the village with my Mom. He was so sweet when he was deciding who went where. He kept saying "You...You can go here" with every little village person he picked up.
While Q was setting that up Gracie and I thought it was a perfect time to finish hanging ornaments on the tree. With every ornament Gracie had a comment to add. This was one of her favorites. She pulled it out and said "Oh Mommy, remember this one, I love this one!!!!!" When you pull the string you can make his legs move. With every pull of the string a big smile would come across her face. I guess it still is the little things that make this 7 year old a happy little lady. :)

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