Sunday, December 27, 2009

December Daily Day 16

Today we met Gracie's Girl Scout troop for a very fun activity! Normally her troop meets in the school and does your normal Girl Scout activities of crafts, snack, community projects and so on and so forth. This was a great field trip for the girls to just play. At Flabbergast they have blow up toys to play and jump on, a huge McDonald's-esce playground, a game area and a snack bar.It was not only fun for Gracie but for Q as well! While Gracie spent time with the girls that she deeply misses from her old school, Q and I played games in the game section. Once we had a bite to eat Q went around with Gracie and her friends for a bit. It was so sweet to see Gracie in action as a big sister taking him in and out of places just showing such great care for her little brother. While I am sure she would have rather just played amongst the girls, she did not complain a bit about having him tag a long. She is one super big sister!

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