Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prep And Landing

December Daily Day 13
OK, so this short little film aired earlier this week and was of course a big deal in our house because it is Disney. I thought it was very cute and a great holiday tradition for many years to come. What I wasn't prepared for was my kids to be obsessed with watching it over and over again in the same year. It's been officially released for a mear 5 days and we have already watched it about 10 times.

We have adopted some of the phrases from the movie as some of our own now. We sat "That's so tinsel!!!!" when something is really cool. We say "Oh frost bite!" when things just aren't going our way. Then of course the whole family erupts in laughter when anyone says either of those phrases. It is especially cute coming out of the mouths of my two little blond haired blue eyed little Christmas elves.

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