Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Milwaukee Children's Choir Concert
Festival of Winter Spirit
December Daily Day 6
Today Gracie had a Concert with the Milwaukee Childrens Choir. I was selected to be a photographer for the concert so I was able to snap pictures through the whole process. I was even able to get backstage to capture the kids playing musical games and enjoying their time together. My favorite moment I captured was the line of Black dress shoes all ready to go on stage.

We all really enjoyed the concert and look forward to many more. After the concert we all headed home to enjoy a nice night in enjoying each others company. Both kids went to bed pretty easily so I think that means their weekend was a lot of fun.


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I love the picture of the shoes. Good thing you were dubbed the photographer, otherwise the other parents would have been wondering why the crazy scrapbook lady was laying on the floor taking pictures of their children's' feet.