Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas "Tu-Tu" you
December Daily Day 15

Today Gracie had her Christmas celebration at dance class. Her teacher told all the children that they could wear holiday gear to class instead of their normal Black leotard with pink tights uniform. I decided that Gracie needed a red tu-tu. So, I whipped her up a nice little red tu-tu, the no sew way, while watching TV the night before. It was so easy to make and actually quit a bit of fun. I think that Gracie now needs a tu-tu in every color for every Holiday occasion! :) After class Gracie reported that it was the most fun she had ever had in dance class! They danced around to holiday music, shared what their families were up to for the holiday break and played many games that are not always played in every weeks class.

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Katherine said...

Merry Christmas "tu-tu" "tu"...Love the title! Your so clever.