Thursday, December 10, 2009

Will This Day Ever End?
December Daily Day 7

OK, so this about to be the most negative December Daily post ever. But, I guess with the good comes the bad and in this case the ugly. This was one of those days were you constantly feel like you would just like to crawl back in bed. I think I felt like that the moment my feet hit the floor. Q was not a fan of doing anything this morning and Gracie was just not herself. A lot of weird things happened today, like Q woke up about 10 times between midnight and the sound of the alarm for reasons that I still don't understand. My Mom dropped an entire gallon of milk on the kitchen floor (Poor Nana) The kids at my school today were having very Middle School like problems in abundance today. The kicker of the day was when Q walked down the hallway dragging a bag of chips and said "When will this day end?" I guess he was having the same kind of day I was. All in all that statement made us all laugh and realize that no matter how tough the day we are still a very blessed family with tons of love to go around :)

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