Friday, December 04, 2009

"It Sticked"
December Daily Day 3

At about noon a child came into my office and said "Ms. Ball it's snowing!!!!" My response was "Oh Yeah my kids will be so excited!" Before working in a Middle School office I had been out of touch with what this age group was like. I had no idea that they would be just as ecited about the snow as my 7 year old is. After that first child I had many more come through the office witht eh same proclomation.

When I picked up Q from his babysitter I was told that he really enjoyed watching the snow fall today with his new friends. I explained all the way ho that the snow needs to "stick" to the ground to really play with it. Not sure he really gets this concept but I tried!

When Gracie got off the bus from school she of course said "MOM ITS SNOWING!!!!!" She did a little dance that I will now call the Snow Dance. I'm hoping to see this again so that I can capture it on camera.

We went about our regular activiteis of the night and when I put both kids to bed they mentioned the snow again. Q said "I'm so sited (excited) for the snow Mommy!" Gracie said "I hope there's more snow in the morning!"

Fast forward to this morning (The 4th) and Quintins reaction to the snow this morning was "It Sticked!" Gracie responded with a Giggle "Yes, Q it sticked." So, I guess he did understand the "sticking" concept after all.

Here is the begining and the end of the snow fall. Not much snow but enough to brighten the day of two very special little people!


Rhonda said...

Darling! Young children are so much smarter than we think they are.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That's so cute. I'm not pleased to see the dusting and 15 degree mornings. It throw off my Target mood.